The 3 Biggest Myths in Recruiting & Retaining Truck Drivers


  • Find out how you can still hire top drivers without paying the big bucks or sign on bonuses.
  • Hear how to find the top drivers you need in the Driver Crunch.
  • See how you can join the 5% of trucking professionals who successfully recruit and retain truck drivers In The New Economy Job Market.
  • Uncover the troubling facts of The New Economy Job Market. And why you must take your recruits out of the job market before they are even hired.

Having Trouble Hiring Quality Truck Drivers?

See why you don’t have to pay the most to attract top talent or offer sign-on bonuses to hire the truck drivers you need. Get all the details about…

  • How the truck driver job market has changed
  • Why the driver shortage is your advantage
  • “The Three Pillars” of Truck Driver Recruiting
  • Why driver turnover is actually your friend

Truck Driver Recruiting Company Presents Advanced Testing Solution’s DOT Compliance 101.

  • This is a free course offered to help Trucking Companies understand the regulations that they must follow.
  • This course offers and overview of DOT Regulations, Driver Qualification, Vehicle Maintenance, DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing, Training and Hours of Service.
  • This course is designed in five sections covering the basics of DOT compliance.

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What some of our customers had to say

My company has been doing business with Truck Driver Recruiting Company for many years. Over those years I have gotten to know Jack and Robyn and their staff. They have provided our company with many quality drivers, most of which were hired on as permanent full time team members.

One of my favorite aspects of Truck Driver Recruiting Company is that when you call them someone picks up the phone. You do not have to maneuver through a series of phone prompts. Often times Robyn answers the phone herself.

Truck Driver Recruiting Company are an easy group to work with that often times go beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Truck Driver Recruiting Company for your driver staffing needs.

Rob B. – UNF

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