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We’re passionate about connecting truck drivers with jobs that make their lives better, their bank accounts fatter, and their families happier.

We take “frustration” out of the job search

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Looking for a truck driver job and having to go to all of different job board jobs to find the right job, you already know how time consuming and frustrating it is.  All of the job posting are about the same. They say the same thing, a job description explaining what you need to do to be a truck driver.

You are a professional truck driver and know what you need to do.

Some truck driver job posting are offering or selling big sign on bonus and a lot of the job posting do not tell you the wage of the job… at all, showing you no respect for your time. And then you have the companies that list the highest wage the company offers.


Knowing no one starts out at the wage no matter how much experience they have. Who wants to put their future in a company that starts off the employer relationship where you have to question?

You will not have to deal with that when you let Truck Driver Recruiting Company represent you to our clients because our goals are aligned. You want a good job, make good money and have a life. We understand that…

That is why when you talk to us, you will notice It will be a different experience. We start of the conversation off asking what you are looking for in a truck driver job. That way we know what you are looking for.

Once we know your job requirements. We match you up to our extensive list of jobs that fit what you want. And if we do not have a job with the requirements you are looking for we will let you know. We have no interest in wasting your time or our time.

We will not disrespect you and insult you with deceptive wage claims and bait and switch tactics. The clients we work with only pay us after they’ve hired you and you stay working for them for a defined period of time

Good Companies and Good truck drivers want the same thing – a good fit where both sides are valued and get what they want. We make that happen … with one of the largest data bases of hiring managers, who trust us to hire their driver team.

Most of the companies we work with will not have a job publicly posted, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a truck driving job with them, because we have what we call “Pocket Jobs”, A “Pocket Job” is what we call a job opening we don’t release to the general public.

Want a good job?

These companies ask us to send them the qualified truck drivers we have that meet the skills they need for their companies.

These are not labor pool jobs. We only recruit for full time jobs. We only accept direct hire or lease to hire full time positions. 

We do not recruit for just any old company. All of the companies we represent have been toughly vetted to make sure they are finically sound, can stand the test of time, have a good safety record and the equipment is well maintained.

Most importantly, we turn away about 90% of the companies that apply to work with us, because we want to match our truck drivers only to the best companies.

Here’s what you get when we represent you:

  • We only work with companies who offer competitive pay, great benefits, overtime opportunities, and great working environments.
  • We have 100’s of companies that we recruit for who are actively looking for truck drivers to hire. And you get exposed to all of them that meet your criteria…
  • You also get exposed to our “Pocket Jobs”.
  • You will also be exposed to the companies who subscribe to our “Driver Alerts”. Our Driver Alerts are just like the job alerts on the job board but in reverse. This is an additional list companies who get our newsletter.
  • We only connect truck drivers and companies that both want what the other has to offer.

You get all of that and more when you have truck Driver Recruiting Company Represent you to our extensive list of trucking companies, private fleets and third-party logistic carriers. 

Or you can keep doing your job search the old fashion time consuming way of contacting one company at a time filing out their application to get an interview just to find out if the company has the requirements you are looking for in a job.

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Don't just take our word for it...

What some of our drivers had to say

Truck Driver Recruiting Company process was easy to get through and I was helped with paperwork. I started work right away.

Sonny C. – Chowchilla, CA

The recruiter (and the manager while my recruiter was on a well deserved vacation) was outstanding in her efforts to LISTEN to me when I first made contact with Truck Driver Recruiting Company. She understood my concerns, addressed them, and found a company to place me into that I believe will be the LAST employer I will have before I want (or need) to retire from a long truck driving career. EVERYTHING I was told to expect by my recruiter AND the management at the company I was placed into has turned out to be truthful. WHAT A CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES!!!!!

Wolfgang B. – Yuba City, CA

“I am always getting calls for other jobs.  I have driven for over 30 years and worked at many companies.  I do not want to leave TDRC because of the respect care and kindness I am always given.  I have told my recruiter that I will retire with TDRC.”

Don M.

I worked for my recruiter 2 years ago. She called me about a great job close to home. She helped me with all the paperwork process. I started work within a week. Have good pay good equipment and overtime. This is helping me financially. Thank You so Much.

Mark G.

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