Virtual Recruiter

Your turn-key truck driver recruiting service with a dedicated certified truck driver recruiter and customized analytics and reporting for your company.

Hiring is one thing you should never leave up to chance… nothing affects your business more than the team you hire to make it happen!

If you’ve been hiring your own truck drivers, you know how exhausting it can be. Great truck drivers who leave for a sign-on bonus or driver recruits who waste your time going through the motions. And all that waiting leaves your trucks parked and freight not moving and no drivers – and your companies just treading water when you should be moving forward.

Shouldn’t you be focusing on what you’re the best at instead? Taking care of your customers, getting deliveries handled on time and safely.

You can, with Truck Driver Recruiting Companies Virtual Recruiter Program. We only focus on what we are the best at. Hiring safe, experienced truck drivers for other companies.

Our motto is this:

If you hire someone who has the skills to do the job – they will work for your paycheck… If you hire someone who believes in your companies’ values, they will work for more than just money – they will give you their blood, sweat and tears.

We hire those value-based drivers for companies every day.

Let’s talk and see if our Virtual Recruiter program will be a good fit for your company and for ours.

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Truck Driver Recruiting Company’s Virtual Recruiter program combines bleeding-edge technology, a proven proprietary system for hiring “only the best drivers,” all done by certified truck driver recruiting specialists to bring you high-powered results.

Here’s what you get:

The Hiring System

You’re not just looking for a truck driver. You need a value based driver to represent your company on the road, at customer locations and essentially is the face of your business. There’s a lot at stake…

We have spent many years learning what truck drivers want in their career, and the best ways to represent your company and job that drivers desire – and if you think that’s just money … you’d be wrong.

Using our proprietary Hiring System, we aggressively screen and pre-qualify every driver to make sure only top-tier talent makes it to your desk.

Our proprietary software has been customized using our Hiring Method to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks during the screening, pre-qualifying, and compliance handling of each and every driver we send you.

You want to know you’re getting your money’s worth, especially when you deal with vendors. As a Virtual Recruiter client, you’ll be provided with detailed analytics and reports that show exactly how your job recruiting is performing. You know exactly how you’re competing in a fast-evolving truck driver job market.

Custom analytics and reporting, we can get you any metric and KPI you want (a small example is shown below)

  • Pre-screened, pre-qualified experienced truck drivers that meet or exceed your requirements and needs
  • We provide all D.O.T & F.M.C.S.A. information on every truck driver
  • All endorsements, experience levels, and skills needed
  • Clean DMVs and background checks
  • Metrics that no one else can provide so you understand your companies job market and make adjustments as needed to make sure you always have top talent you need.

Our Certified Truck Driver Recruiters are the only recruiters on Earth trained by our industry-famous Hiring System, and their exceptional salaries speak to the value they bring to customers.

Luckily for you, with our Virtual Recruiter Program, you don’t have to spend your time trying to find a recruiter who knows trucking (if you can). Then invest thousands in salary, training and benefits just to get them on payroll and hope they can perform. With our program, we eliminate all your hard work and headaches of finding a truck driver recruiter that knows how to make it happen when it counts.

By utilizing our Certified Truck Driver Recruiters’ expertise at an affordable monthly rate.

Metrics that show your ROI

Our reports give you an in-depth look at what drivers like and don’t like about your companies’ job, allowing your company to really get a feel for what drivers think about your career opportunity.

Your dedicated truck driver recruiter will not hold back, they will share the analytics and reporting with you weekly so you always know where you stand and provide expert advice on what to change to get better candidates… but at the end of the day, you make the decisions based on FACTS.

Your main point of contact

As a Virtual Recruiter client, you’ll be matched with a Certified Truck Driver Recruiter who will be your main point of contact during the life of our relationship.

Say goodbye to the days of repeating yourself over and over, and say hello to a real partnership with a company who understands trucking, has hired thousands of local, regional, and OTR drivers servicing all different industries across the country, and knows how to showcase your companies career opportunity in all its greatness. Giving you a pool of experienced drivers to hire from.

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