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What some of our drivers had to say

I thought the recruiter had great communication with me, and I felt they were on top of it. Overall I was very satisfied with my experience and would not hesitate to use TDRC again. Thank you for everything.

Raymundo E. – San Jose, CA

My wife found your service for me and I was surprised at how hard the job coaches worked in getting me a job. I feel like the job coaches went above and beyond the call of duty to help me.

Andre T. – Citrus Heights, CA

I was referred to Truck Driver Recruiting Company by a friend. The manager was very nice and helpful. She got me work right away with great hours and great pay.

Jasiel V. – San Jose, CA

Truck Driver Recruiting Company process was easy to get through and I was helped with paperwork. I started work right away.

Sonny C. – Chowchilla, CA

I really cannot thank the staff for getting me a new job with better hours and money.

Mariano T. – Stockton

Staff is very helpful, professional and show care and concern for making you feel comfortable. Best hiring experience I have had in transportation so far.

Gilbert G. – Merced, CA

I talked to the recruiter. I liked the description of the job. It was close to home and good hours for me. It also offers overtime. Also the recruiter helped me with my paper work some of it was kind of difficult. They really seemed to care about what I wanted.

Toheed S. – Stockton, CA

Talked to the recruiter, filled out the paperwork and started work right away once all was clear!

Jackson R. – Sacramento, CA

Process was fairly easy, went fast and I got my job.

Jimmy L. – Middleton, ID

Working with Truck Driver Recruiting Company gave me flexibility and diversity in the type of driving jobs they offered until i was matched with a company that fit what i wanted. They helped me through the hiring process and once i was hired, it was smooth sailing. I am now being brought on with the company they matched me, thank you Truck Driver Recruiting Company team for getting me the job!

Tom M. – Sacramento, CA

I started with Truck Driver Recruiting Company a few years ago, and have gotten 2 good jobs from them. whenever i want a job change i call them and they help me out by keeping me busy with work until i find a job i want to stay at. They are awesome and always answer my questions.

Robert S. – Citrus Heights, CA

The recruiter (and the manager while my recruiter was on a well deserved vacation) was outstanding in her efforts to LISTEN to me when I first made contact with Truck Driver Recruiting Company. She understood my concerns, addressed them, and found a company to place me into that I believe will be the LAST employer I will have before I want (or need) to retire from a long truck driving career. EVERYTHING I was told to expect by my recruiter AND the management at the company I was placed into has turned out to be truthful. WHAT A CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES!!!!!

Wolfgang B. – Yuba City, CA

I just relocated to CA from out of state recently and was worried about work. I called on a Craigs List ad and the recruiter helped me process everything and got me working within a week. I am happy with the company I am working at and the service I was given.

Cory J. – Vancouver, CA

I was referred by a manager at a carrier. He told me to call the recruiter. I called her and she helped me with everything. She was patient with me. I am not good with online stuff. She helped me with everything and got me working quickly. Great Service!!

George G. – Los Gatos, CA

I worked for my recruiter 2 years ago. She called me about a great job close to home. She helped me with all the paperwork process. I started work within a week. Have good pay good equipment and overtime. This is helping me financially. Thank You so Much.

Mark G.

I worked for the company 2 years ago. I just came back a week ago because of losing my job. They already have an interview lined up for me with good pay and a good company. They moved everything along for me quickly and professionally.

Andre S. – Santa Clara, CA

I have worked for the company before and came back last year. They always looked out for me and have found me solid work at good companies.

Stuart A.

I talked to a recruiter on a Friday. She helped me with all the paperwork. She even stayed later just to help me through the process so I could start working on Monday. Great service and making the money I need for my family. Great people call them.

Salvador U. – Oakland, CA

This is the second time I have worked for the company. They have been so nice and helpful. I will keep coming back.

Steve S. – Santa Clara, CA

I called on an ad for a job. My questions were answered right away. The recruiter helped me with the process and everything was fast and complete. I started working and making good pay with good company and love the overtime.

Johnny L. – Royal Oaks, CA

I was referred by a friend. The team is very nice. I just want to say thank you for this opportunity and making it easy for me to start working ASAP I appreciate it!!

Stephania P. – Sacramento, CA

“I just got hired at the job I wanted.  I told my recruiter at TDRC how much I liked this job that I covered for a vacation.  She talked to the hiring manager and they created a position for me.  I am full time with the company I wanted.  I have referred other drivers to TDRC and will continue to do so.  They actually listen and care about us.”

Issac P.

“Been a driver for years at both companies and staffing places. I was referred to TDRC by a friend.  It has been great for me.  They have supported me with days off for family reasons. They have given me a good job in a good company.  I would send other drivers to them without a doubt.”

Marlon W.

“I have worked with staffing companies and trucking companies.  Since working with TDRC, I have been able to try good jobs with good companies.  I finally decided on the one I wanted to stay with and my recruiter helped me stay on a get hired.  Great service.”

Jeremy B.

“I am always getting calls for other jobs.  I have driven for over 30 years and worked at many companies.  I do not want to leave TDRC because of the respect care and kindness I am always given.  I have told my recruiter that I will retire with TDRC.”

Don M.

“I am not longer working for this company I was able to find a OTR job which give me the Option of Seeing other parts of the states, But I know if I every come back to Sac, Ca TDRC is the first call I will Make they have always made me feel wanted and Needed.” 

Mareko B.

“Overall I felt very welcomed by there service I have been given no other agency care the way your company does. I have never felt that my best.”

Stuart A.

I was referred to Truck Driver Recruiting Company by a friend and they got me to work fast, I now work at a great job!

Jaeson L. – Colfax, CA

“I choose TDRC this time around when I was calleded on my resume. and offered work because I was unable to find work in my area. I felt great hearing from you weekly just by checking in. I appreciate the multi job offers until I was able to find the right opportunity to find my career.” 

Timothy S.

“I love you guys. You have always keep me feeling appreciated and valued. I have never worked for a company that cared and looked out for me like TDRC.”

Alex G.