Purpose & Values


Our team is dedicated to Connecting Good Drivers With Good Jobs.


  • We only represent companies that meet our high standards.
  • We have integrity, respect, honesty and transparency in all we do.
  • We match the right person to the right job, providing the best experience possible.
  • We always look out for our recruits’ best interests.
  • We work as a team and are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

Don't just take our word for it...

What some of our drivers had to say

“I am always getting calls for other jobs.  I have driven for over 30 years and worked at many companies.  I do not want to leave TDRC because of the respect care and kindness I am always given.  I have told my recruiter that I will retire with TDRC.”

Don M.

“I just got hired at the job I wanted.  I told my recruiter at TDRC how much I liked this job that I covered for a vacation.  She talked to the hiring manager and they created a position for me.  I am full time with the company I wanted.  I have referred other drivers to TDRC and will continue to do so.  They actually listen and care about us.”

Issac P.

I talked to the recruiter. I liked the description of the job. It was close to home and good hours for me. It also offers overtime. Also the recruiter helped me with my paper work some of it was kind of difficult. They really seemed to care about what I wanted.

Toheed S. – Stockton, CA

I just relocated to CA from out of state recently and was worried about work. I called on a Craigs List ad and the recruiter helped me process everything and got me working within a week. I am happy with the company I am working at and the service I was given.

Cory J. – Vancouver, CA

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